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At Peachtree Prints, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality professional embroidery and printing for your polos, t-shirts, hats, jackets and more.  

Peachtree Prints was founded in 2013 as a family operation.  Still family owned and operated, We are located in Sugar Hill, GA  (Gwinnett county).  We want you to know that as a client, we consider you part of our family.  

Peachtree Prints utilizes Tajima Embroidery machines that produce top quality products.  These machines run faster, allowing us to turn your pieces around faster.  Our thread is polyester, not rayon like some others, and so it won't fade over time.  The edges of your embroidered and printed logos will be cleaner and sharper, and your printed material won't peel, crack, or fade.  

Above all, We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to you.  

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